Kimera Koffee

Big shout out to Yarrow Nutrition for sending us a few bags of supercharged coffee. It’s keeping us focused and on point in the Swedish Metal Awards office! Kimera Koffee tastes great!

Without sounds like a salesman it’s great for keeping us focused. A few of us have tried it and noticed a difference in our focus as well as keeping us motivated without giving us the awful coffee jitters!

Kimera Koffeekimera koffee

I bet you’re asking where can I get some of this delightful caffeinated beverage from? Well we know a man, in fact the main EU distributor for Kimera Koffee. Yarrow Nutrition does not only sell the coffee but he will give you tip on how to maximize the coffee by added a few extras like butter, which we thought would be weird but was not actually that bad!

We had to give Tim a shout out for sponsoring us the coffee. He hit us up for some exposure in return for some coffee, which we couldn’t say no to! The coffee tastes great! He sent us 2 different types of coffee, ones a dark roast and ones a standard coffee. Both coffees have cognitive enhancers in so depending on your taste they will both give you a mental and stimulant boost!

Kimera Koffee

The coffee is something different to your standard coffee. It taste almost like a barista has made it fresh from a machine. It’s certainly brightened our day up, there is nothing like waking up to a fresh pint of coffee (yes a pint!).

We will certainly be working with Yarrow Nutrition providing our staff with a fresh enhancing coffee most mornings. The perks of working for our brand! If you want some cognitive enhanced coffee be sure to check Yarrow nutritions site out


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