Swedish Metal Awards T Shirt

Firstly, let us introduce you to our merchandise designer and printer. Raw Casuals has helped us tremendously to get our clothing range off the ground and we’re fully supporting that and we have agreed to help them out by giving them a little blog loving!

Urban Clothing and Metal music you say? Well don’t let the urbaness fool you, these guys are one of the best we come across to do our Swedish Metal Awards T shirt.

Full Clothing Range In The Pipeline

We have asked Raw Casuals to partnership with us to help us print, design and manufacture all our Swedish Metal Awards

swedish metal awards t shirt


 clothing for the foreseeable future. We have big ideas for our clothing so customers watch out for t shirts, snapbacks, hoodies and more in 2018!

Swedish Metal Awards will be shipping worldwide and limited to the numbers of items we produce, Customers can buy Limited edition t shirts! Raw Casuals supply some of the finest printed t shirts also this is the first major project they have taken on outside their own work.

Want To Find Out More?

Raw Casuals customers can enjoy affordable urban clothing via their website.Their colleagues are super friendly and approachable. You can find an array of clothing like t shirts, snapbacks, beanies and lots more at a really decent price also they stock other brands like Phatkid Laundry, Patched and lots more! Each order comes with FREE stickers as a bonus.

Raw Casuals have a Black Friday sale every year where customers can enjoy over 60% off the retail price also they slash their prices so customers can enjoy rock bottom prices which is crazy if you can get a t shirt for less than £5! Raw Casuals website is a breeze to use and you can fluently check out so we will have to get them on board our website! Black Friday Shopping Online has never been easier.

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